Alright, buckle in y’all. This is a long one!

This is a special crossover/cross-interview episode with the guys (and gal – S/O to Adam’s wife Gina) from Beerded Hops, where you’ll get to hear them ask us questions in return! Get to know us and these guys a little better, and listen in as we have a wonderful rambling conversation about our favorite topic: BEER!

Episode 12 – Beerded Hops Crossover

Watch the stream of our conversation here

You can find more from Beerded Hops here:
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In other news, we have some really exciting stuff coming up! There’s an episode in the works about Marzens and Oktoberfest, and an interview lined up with Kate Christensen, founder of Craft Beer Girls – BEER&BODY LLC, as well as some of the admins of the Texas group, Shawna and Cassie!    

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