In this episode, Karma and Fury talk about the things that make an IPA, well, an IPA. We’ll taste Pile of Face from Against the Grain and talk about IBUs, esters, and phenols
and the flavors they lend to your beer .

Episode 2 – Wait, IBUs are Just Marketing Too?!?!
Resources Used for this Episode:
Crafe Beer Tasting Sheet
What’s the Meaning of IBU?
Beer Lesson: IBU
Beer Styles – IBU Chart Graph (Bitterness Range)
Esters in Beer Brewing
Esters vs. Phenols in Beer
What are Esters?
Esters Versus Phenols
How to Identify Yeast Flavors in Beer: Esters, Phenols, and Alcohols

Music used (with permission): Rad Aghast – Yucatan Dream

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